Blogging is Dating: A How-To Guide

Your audience is the most important aspect of blogging. Every word you write, headline you create, or phrase you omit should be motivated by the idea that people will be reading your blog. That being said, you blog has to be the perfect date: intriguing, credible, and attractive.

The Love Gurus

Brian Carroll, an academic authority on writing and editing for digital media, and Linda Felder, an expert with years of experience writing professional digital content, provide essential information about writing in the digital world.

How to Snag Them

Less flirting, be direct.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool that digital writers can use to influence how often views visit their page. Search engines like Google use algorithms to find and rank online content using key words in your headings, subheadings, or tags. Carroll writes that the most intriguing headlines are brief, complete, clear, and proactive. Direct headlines increase the likelihood that your page is a top result in a Google search, and interesting headlines increase the chances that your viewer will want to click on your page.

Source: Web Candy

How to Impress Them

Give them what they want.

Carroll notes that online readers view content in a “F” pattern, meaning that they look at the upper left quadrant of a webpage first. Dominant headlines draw the eye and are a useful place to include important or intriguing information. Fittingly, Carroll uses the KISS Method for headlines: “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”

  • Determine what to highlight
  • Decide how to phrase it given limitations on space

In addition to headlines, Felder writes that the first sentence of a post should be a topic sentence with the most important information. This sentence should be followed by supporting facts, and you should end with the less important fluff. She calls this the inverted pyramid.

Source: Write for the Web

How to Keep Them Interested

Look good.

Carroll notes that an audience does not read online content. They surf, scan, scroll, and skip. Therefore, he suggests that a blogger layer his or her digital content. Layering enhances the readers’ ability to scan the post. These page attributes can include:

  • bulleted lists
  • highlighted words
  • subheads
  • hyperlinks

Felder also notes that page attributes like bulleted lists, rather than lists separated by commas, can make information easier to scan quickly. She advises that lists can break up large portions of texts, which can make the page more attractive.


So go put yourself out there!





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