About the Author


Supporting our local legal system at a Pre-Law awards banquet.

I like musicals, guacamole, and politics.

I am a senior Political Science and Communication Studies major at Furman University, but I haven’t always been so gung-ho about political participation. I discovered my passion for local government while working for the House of Representatives. As part of my job, I helped a veteran apply for social security. I worked with a young mother to help her get disability benefits for her sick child. I also revised the filing system.

Why should you listen to me?

As a Political Science major, I’ve studied trends in voter participation and how society and culture can affect political ideology. As a Communications Major, I’m interested in how our mass media culture blurs the line between government and entertainment. As a human being, I have an interest in the common good.

So here I am, politically communicating to you.

I hope I can spark a discourse. Because if I can get just you to speak with someone else about the importance of political participation, I’ve succeeded.